About the project

We live in the midst of a changing climate. A changing climate is reflected in changing sea temperatures. These changing sea temperatures result in diminishing fish stocks, destructive weather patterns, and flooding.

Surface sea temperatures may be determined by satellite imaging. This provides scientists with a large, superficial dataset with which to create models and predictions. However, the majority of energy transport in the ocean occurs subsurface. Subsurface temperatures must be determined by direct measurements, using research vessels and stationary instruments. This is expensive and challenging, and leads to a lack of data.

There are an estimated 20-30 million certified divers, worldwide. Of these, roughly 10% are thought to be currently active. In the UK alone, there are thought to be over two million dives each year. The majority of these divers use dive computers to calculate their dive times and decompression obligations. In addition to this, these computers provide the ability to record temperatures.

These facts, if properly harnessed, give us the opportunity to gather an extra several million data points per year. This extra data could prove crucial in the efforts to understand and predict the effects of our changing climate.

Participating is simple use the template below to input your data, and send using the link. 
The data will then be made freely available to both research scientists and the public.